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March 20, 2020
Why Becoming a Mom Is Making Me a Better Person

A lot happens when you become a mom. Your body changes, your schedule changes, your social life changes, your relationship with your partner changes.  To be honest, I was always scared of all of these changes pre-baby, but I can honestly say that everything I have listed has changed for the better since the birth of our son, Austin.  Another thing that has changed since my son was born, is the relationship I have with myself and the world.  I will forever be a work in progress, but I truly feel like becoming a mom is shaping me into being a better person and here is why:


The rate at which a newborn grows is no joke.  Everyday I notice something different about Austin.  I was never one to really reflect on the past, but I would definitely worry about the future a lot.  Since having a baby and seeing how fast time goes, I have really learned to live in the moment, because it's really all we have (as cliche as that sounds).


As a self-proclaimed control freak, I quickly learned with a newborn that sometimes life just doesn’t go as planed and all you can do to keep your sanity is roll with it.  For example, I have always been a stickler for being perfectly on time to things (aka- early).  Within the first couple of weeks of being a new mom, I tried hard to stick to my perfectionist ways; However, I soon found that getting out the door on time with a baby wasn’t always going to happen.  I can have him fed, burped, changed and ready to go, and then he poops and/or spits up all over himself and all of the sudden I have a diaper to change and/or a new outfit to pick out before I even step foot out the door (and sometimes I get it all under control and another explosive bodily function occurs!).  Learning not to stress about things that I don’t have control over has already made me more patient than I was pre-baby.  Traffic happens,


I am the first person to admit that I am far from perfect, and there have definitely been times in my life when I have been judgmental, or not as kind to others as I should be.  Being a mom has made me much more self-aware of how I think about and treat others. Since having a child I often find myself wondering, “How would I feel if someone thought that about Austin?”  or “Would I ever talk like that about my own son?” When you have a child, you start to see people as someone’s child.  I read in a parenting book once that “ You can never give your child too much love”, and it made me think about that with other people too.  Everyone needs love, even the grouchiest person you know, and no one can ever have too much love in their life.


I’ve always been conscious about my health, but in all honesty, I exercised and ate well mostly to “look good” before I got pregnant.   Once I got pregnant, though, keeping myself heathy had a whole new purpose- to be mentally and physically strong for myself and my family.  Sure, my body may not be as tight as it used to be, but it housed and birthed a freaking human and that’s pretty damn cool. Every morning I take Austin on a walk, and it is one of the best parts of my day. I used to take bootcamp type classes several times a week pre-baby because I thought that a “good workout” was one that left me sore and physically exhausted. Not only did I have constant aches and pains, but I now realize that it wasn’t very healthy mentally.  I still love an occasional bootcamp class, but I don’t think of it as punishment anymore.  I choose movement that makes me feel good, on that day, and that leaves me energized.


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