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December 2, 2020

Today's gift suggestions are 7 things that I use (mostly) on a daily basis that bring me so much joy! They are not fancy, but they are practical and if you choose to give one of these to a loved one you will know that they will make good use out of it!
Gifts to make your days that much sweeter

1.) APPLE WIRELESS HEADPHONES ($199): click here to buy

I am somewhat of a dinosaur and was definitely the last person on earth to get rid of my VHS and give into to DVDS, so it was no surprise that a few years back when my progressive husband asked me if I wanted some wireless headphones for my birthday I said "no thanks."  Well here I am in 2020, enlightened AF, and can't imagine my life without them! The thought of being bound to my phone or computer by wired headphones nowadays? Ew! Sure, most of the people in your life probably already own a pair, but what about parents or people who wouldn't splurge on themselves? This is the perfect, practical gift and you can get their initials engraved on the case for free PS!

2.) CHEF'S STAR MILK FROTHER + STEAMER ($54): click here to buy

As a vegan I only drink non-dairy milks and have found that they sadly don't always froth so well. I chalked it up to a missing "frothy" ingredient or something that was lacking in plant-based milks- until I found this baby! It is the ultimate frother for dairy and non-dairy milks and has upped my morning coffee to a whole new level. I used to only get lattes from cafes because they just never tasted as good when I made them at home, but I can honestly say that this frother has made me like making my own coffee more than going to a cafe to buy one- so that says a lot! PS my favorite milk to froth in it is Oatly Oat milk, deeeeeelish!

3.) ICE ROLLER FOR FACE ($22.99): click here to buy

This little contraption not only feels amazing, but it also makes my face look much more awake. I keep it in the freezer and on days when I didn't get a good sleep the night before and need to look a little more alive, I put some serum on my face, roll it for about 5-10 minutes, and feel and look so much better after. It's a cheap gift that will get a lot of uses!

4.) DAVID'S TEA STEEPER ($22): click here to buy

I absolutely love this steeper because I love mixing herbs and making my own teas at home, but sometimes shoving them all into a little tea bag is just a pain. This steeper allows you to dump all your herbs right in, then you simply sit it on top of a mug and it strains it right into your cup. I have had it for years and use it almost every day, highly recommend!

5.) GOODR SUNGLASSES ($25): click here to buy

I was introduced to these by a friend when we were on vacation and I forgot my sunglasses. They were at the register at a running store that we were browsing through and they were cheap so I figured why not just get them as a replacement pair for the weekend. Turns out, I never went back to my old sunglasses again! For being so inexpensive, they are surprisingly very good quality. They come in a great little package with their own case and cleaning cloth, they don't slide off your face even during the sweatiest of workouts and they are durable so if you have a toddler like me who tends to break your things they will survive! Love love these glasses so much and they come in all sorts of fun colors and patterns!

6.) BONJOUR MONET FRENCH PRESS ($24.99-$54.99): click here to buy

I cannot live without my French Press! It makes the best coffee and is so super easy. You just place a few tablespoons of ground coffee, pour in boiling water, let sit for 5-10 minutes (depending on how strong you want it), and strain it right into your cup. I have the one-cup size, but I do wish I had a slightly bigger one for days when my husband wants a cup, too!

7.) HOT TOOLS PRO BLOWDRYER BRUSH ($49.99): click here to buy

THIS THING IS AMAZING. I hate blowdrying my hair, nevermind having to straighten it with an iron after too, and this has cut my hair time in half. It dries my hair so fast and leaves it so straight and shiny that I don't even use my straightener after. Also, because of the shape of the brush, it gives your hair some volume and bounce so I always feel like I got it done at a salon after I use it. It's really the best gift ever for you or your long haired friends. And side note, but I suggest finding a tutorial on You Tube before using, I got some great tips on how to use it correctly by doing so!

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