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November 30, 2020

Buying presents for people can be challenging, and 2020 has been stressful enough! The holidays may feel a little different this year, but it's still a great feeling to give someone you love a gift that you know they will appreciate. That's why I wanted to create a little gift guide of my favorite things to help inspire some ideas for gifting the ones you love this holiday season! I linked everything below the photos to make it easy, and tried to find the best possible prices for you too! Happy Holidays- and make sure to treat yourself too, you deserve it! XOX
The perfect gifts for the active people in your life!

1.) GIFT CERTIFICATE TO MY VIRTUAL PLATFORM ($ varies): click here to buy

What better gift is there than the gift of health? I currently have over 100 different workouts to choose from on my site and it grows every week! Choose from barre, HIIT, yoga, Pilates and more! Shoot me a Venmo with the amount of months you would like to purchase (it is $20/month) and your email address in the comment box and I will reach out to you to send a customized gift certificate that you can print or e-mail to your lucky loved one!

2.) BALA BANGLES ($49+): click here to buy

I absolutely love my Bala Bangles, they are a beautiful modern day take on the old-school ankle weights and they really add a lot of fire to your workouts! I use them around my ankles during booty classes for an extra burn and around my hands in barre/Pilates classes as light dumbbells during arm workouts. I highly suggest the 2lb ones!

3.) THE REVERSIBLE MAT BY LULULEMON ($78): click here to buy

I love this mat so much because it doesn't get slippery like a lot of yoga mats do. It is made to last a long time and it will hold up even during the sweatiest workouts!

4.) CLIFTON 7 RUNNING SHOW BY HOKA ONE ($130): click here to buy

I swear by these shoes. I always hated running because my hips and knees always ached afterwards. Right before I had my son I started to get into running classes and bought these at the very beginning of my pregnancy. I ran all the way up to his due date injury and pain-free and I credit it all to these amazing sneakers! They are worth the price and are great quality.

5.) FITBIT VERSA LITE ($189): click here to buy

If you want one thing in your life to get you in shape or to help a family member or friend get more active I cannot recommend a Fitbit enough. Even just tracking your daily steps and setting goals by moving more can help improve health significantly. If you are willing to spend the money, I promise you it is so worth it!

6.) COLORFULKOALA HIGH WAISTED LEGGINGS ($26.99): click here to buy

If you are obsessed with the Lululemon Align pants as much as I am, you know how amazing AND expensive they are. That's why I was SOOO excited when I discovered this knock off brand on Amazon. These leggings literally look and feel just like the Aligns for a quarter of the price!! I linked their website because they have more choices than on Amazon and they get delivered super fast which is a perk, too! So happy to have found this amazing female-owned brand.

7.) PERFORM BETTER MINI-BANDS ($17.95): click here to buy

I used these a lot in my classes and have found the Perform Better brand to be the best quality. I recommend buying the 4 pack with the different size options because you will find that different workouts may require different resistances.

8.) TRIGGER POINT FOAM ROLLER ($34.95): click here to buy

A foam roller is a MUST for any active person (in fact, even not-so-active people should own one too!) It is basically your own personal massager and super important for muscle health and recovery. I love this one with the trigger points built into it- hurts so good!

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