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March 20, 2020
Eating Vegan in Lisbon, Portugal

As we were researching places to go on our honeymoon, we ultimately decided on three factors: somewhere we had never been before, somewhere that was a walking city, and somewhere that had a lot of vegan options. We came across the perfect destination- Lisbon, Portugal. We were pleasantly surprised to find that Lisbon has an array of restaurants suitable for vegans, more than we ever imagined! We basically ate our way through the entire trip, but we were happy that we did so much walking during our stay because it made us feel a little less guilty for all of the eating that we did! Here are 8 vegan-friendly restaurants that we came across. If you are ever able to make it to Lisbon and try any vegan restaurants out, we would love to hear about it!

Bowl Lisboa

Vegan Rating: Vegan Cafe, Smoothie Bowls, Oat Bowls and BeveragesHours: Mon-Fri 10-6pm, Sat-Sun 11-7pmLocation: Rua Nova do Carvalho, 72-Cais do Sodre, LisbonInstagram:@bowl_lisboaThe Spot: A quaint little restaurant that serves amazing smoothie bowls and tasty drinks by day and turns into a bar at night. The smoothie menu is pretty extensive, and half of the smoothi

es are made with a banana base, while the other half of the selections are made with an oat base. We tried three different banana based bowls, but didn't get around to trying the ones made with the oat base, though I am sure they were equally delicious! All of the smoothies are named after tropical islands around the world. The staff is super friendly, with a cool vibe. Loved the music that they played and the Instagrammable atmosphere!What to Try: The Cayo Coco Bowl (pictured above- the banana base makes it tastes like a creamy, decadent ice cream!) and the homemade lemonade made with red berries! We also loved the Apple Pie Latte.


Vegan Rating: 100% Plant Based Restaurant

Hours: Mon 12:30-7:00, Tues - Fri 12:30-11:00, Sat 12:30-11:00, Sun ClosedLocation: Rua Vitor Cordon, 26, 1200-84 LisbonInstagram:@ao26veganfoodprojectThe Spot: This restaurant is on the smaller side and gets totally packed. We were lucky enough to make it two times during our trip (we waited an hour both times), but we weren’t so lucky on our third try because the wait was outrageous. We highly suggest that if you want to go here on your trip you make a reservation beforehand. The spot is bustling with all sorts of people, and it was great to see a completely vegan restaurant in Portugal so busy! It was definitely worth the wait the two times that we were able to go.What to Try: For starters- Vegetable Tempura and the Couvert. For meals- The Meaty Lentil Burger, Bloody Beet Burger (pictured), Mushroom Spinach Asparagus and Walnut Risotto, and the Polenta with Pumpkin Puree and Mushroom. For dessert- The Oreo, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Pie was insanely delicious.

Hamburgueria do Bairro

Vegan Rating: Hamburger Joint that offers Vegan and Vegetarian OptionsHours: Mon-Sun 12-12pm

Location: Travessa do Abarracamento de Peniche, 22, LisbonInstagram:@hamburgueriadobairroThe Spot: A little burger place that has vegetarian and vegan options. They do not take credit cards, so make sure you have Euros on you (we had to do a quick run to the ATM). The atmosphere was very laid back and the staff was friendly. The burgers and fries (we preferred the regular fries over the sweet potato fries), were really tasty and filling.What to Try: The Vegeta (made with tofu) and the Ba-Ba-Lu (pictured- made with seitan). Make sure to ask for both burgers to be made vegan (mine came with some sort of sauce that was not vegan)

Restaurant Terra

Vegan Rating: Buffet Style Restaurant with Vegetarian and Vegan OptionsHours: Tu-Sun 12:30-3:00 (lunch) and 7:30-10:30pm (dinner)Location: Rua da Palmeria, 15, Lisbon

The Spot: We were surprised to find that there are quite a few vegan/vegetarian buffet-style restaurants in Lisbon. Both of us are not huge fans of buffets, so we went elsewhere for dinner and came here for dessert. The restaurant was quite busy and we both agreed that the food in the buffet looked really delicious (pictured). We saw a few people going up for seconds while we were there, so we assume it was pretty good! You pay 15 Euros for all you can eat (drinks and dessert not included). Since it was our last night in Lisbon, we didn’t have the chance to go back and try it out for dinner, but if we ever visit again it will certainly be on our list.What to Try: They didn’t have many vegan dessert options. We are both chocolate fans, and sadly none of the chocolate desserts were vegan. We settled on the Apple Crumb Pie. It was HUGE- we each ordered our own, but probably should have split it! It was not my favorite dessert of the trip, but it tasted homemade and was decent. We also had some sangria which was good.

A Colmeia

Vegan Rating: Restaurant with Macrobiotic, Vegetarian and Vegan OptionsHours: Mon-Fri 12-3pm (closed Sat and Sun)Location: Largo do Chiado, 1200, Lisbon (3rd floor)The Spot: We showed up at 3:15 pm, but the restaurant had just closed (disclaimer- the website says it closes at 4pm, but apparently she closes around 3.) We tried to get in but the door was locked, but as we were leaving a sweet older woman came to the door and told us she would let us come in for lunch. We ended up being the only ones there, and the owner was super friendly and kind to let us have lunch after it had closed. The location felt like we were eating in our Portuguese grandmother’s home, a very welcoming, warm, no frills atmosphere. She chatted a lot with us, and

told us that it was the first macrobiotic restaurant in Europe and has been around for 56 years. She also told us she was 71 years old, and we were very impressed by her youthful look and her energy! We really enjoyed talking to her, as I am sure during the busy lunch hours we would not have had that opportunity.What to Try: The woman didn’t give us a menu, but instead listed off everything that she was going to serve us with some options thrown in for certain things. (I think that she just offered us whatever was leftover for the day, but reviews online say that you to choose one of two entrees, and that there are a few side dishes to choose from.). Everything offered that day was 100% vegan so we did not have to modify anything. We started off with a pot of green tea, a delicious zucchini soup, and a salad with an assortment of oils and vinegars to choose from. Next we had a plate of green peas, lentils, chickpeas, and quinoa and crepes as our entree. She said she had run out of the crepe fillings from the lunch crowd, so she whipped up something to fill ours with. I am not quite sure what it was exactly, but it was delicious. At the end we were offered dessert, but we were so full that we declined. I wish I had asked what it was, though, because I am sure it was amazing like the rest of our meal! Experience wise this was our best restaurant experience of the whole trip. The owner was clearly so passionate about healthy food and making sure we were enjoying ourselves.

Princesa do Castelo

Vegan Rating: International, Vegetarian with Vegan OptionsHours: Mon Closed, Tu-Sun 12:00-11:00pmLocation: Rua do Salvador, 64 LisbonInstagram:@princesadocasteloThe Spot: This restaurant had a super cool, laid back vibe. It was on

the corner of a quiet street, and the airiness of the restaurant with the doors open made it very relaxed and zen. There was an Indian flair scattered throughout the restaurant that was displayed in the decor, music, and dishes.What to Try: The lentil soup did not look or taste like lentil soup, but it was really tasty regardless! We also ordered the vegan “nachos”, which ended up being just chips and salsa (no cheese or other toppings), but the salsa was really good. For the entrees, there were only two to choose from, I think they may change it up daily. We split a meal (pictured) which had a chickpea base with Indian spices, quinoa and veggies and was really hearty and flavorful.

Nannarella Gelati alla Romana

Vegan Rati

ng: Gelateria with Vegan OptionsHours: Sun-Sat 12-10pmLocation: Rua Nova da Piedade 64, LisbonInstagram:@gelateria.nannarellaThe Spot: A small, bustling gelataria. They have a select few vegan options that change daily. The ice cream was really decadent and delicious.What to Try: The chocolate/strawberry combo if they have it that day! Otherwise, I am sure any other vegan option that they are offering is amazing.

Fabrica Coffee Roasters

Vegan Rating: Coffee shop with vegetarian pastries, and a non-dairy milk option for coffees

Hours: Everyday 9-9pmLocation: Rua das Portas de Santo Antao, 136, LisbonInstagram:@fabricacoffeeroastersThe Spot: A little coffee joint that also sells pastries (there did not appear to be any vegan options, though).What to Try: The latte with soy milk. Honestly the best coffee I have ever had. I also like that the portions are smaller than in the US, but still satisfying and didn’t make me feel jittery.

Heidi Anderson

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