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March 20, 2020
Byob(aby) To Workout

After I had Austin I was itching to get back to my workouts, but also didn't want to leave him out of my sight (#newmomproblems). I did some research and was happy to find that there were several studios in the Boston area that would let me get my workout in AND keep my son close by. Below is a list of studios that offer childcare and studios that allow you to bring your baby to class!

Studios with Childcare


Studio: Flywheel and Flybarre

Location: Prudential CenterWebsite: member special: First class free (also on ClassPass)Childcare cost: FREE (Your child has to be a non-walker, but the girls who watch them are awesome and will push them around in their strollers if they get fussy.)Days offered: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:30amDescription: Twice a week, Flybarre and Flywheel offer free babysitting service through Sensible Sitters of Boston. The owner, Amanda, created the partnership with Flywheel back in 2015 after her own experience of having kids in the city and discovering that there were no boutique fitness studios in the area that offered childcare. She was forced to join a gym where she didn't feel like she got the best workout and the cleanliness of the childcare room was questionable. I LOVE that Flywheel offers this service because I can still get in my challenging workout and not have to worry about getting a babysitter. The babysitters stand in the mall right outside of the studio and you must sign up using THIS LINK.Sign-ups begin the Sunday before classes. You can reserve your class on their website.

Studio: Barre3

Website: South End and BrooklineNew member special: 3 for $45 (also on ClassPass)Childcare cost: $5Days offered: Check website, South End and Brookline locations offer childcare at lots of different times, but usually between 8:30am and noon including weekends.Description: Barre3 classes remind me of a fusion of barre, yoga, and Pilates all intertwined into a one hour workout. They offer a few classes a day where you can bring you child for only $5. There is a Play Lounge where your little one can stay busy under the watchful eye of one of the Play Lounge employees (who are super nice and most seem to have nanny experience). If they are little, like my son, they will keep them in their stroller if they are content and rock them or hold them if they get fussy. I like the childcare here because the girls watching the kids are literally on the other side of the door from the barre studio, so it’s nice for a paranoid new mom like me to know that your babe is super close by while you workout! You can reserve your class and your childcare spot (under "Play Lounge") on their website or the Mind Body app.

Studio: Recycle Studio

Website: South EndNew Member Special: $10 (also on ClassPass)Childcare cost: $10Days offered: Tuesdays 8am, Wednesdays 8:30am, Thursdays 8amDescription: Recycle Studio is the OG of Boston cycling studios, established in 2011 and still going strong. They offer a variety of different types of indoor cycling classes that are well choreographed, athletic and set to candlelight. Their website also notes that they are open 364 days a year, even on Christmas! (I'm curious what day they are actually closed hmm). Anyways, I went to this studio a few times before I had Austin, but honestly haven’t gone back with him only because their class times are a bit too early for me to get our act together and out the door that early. Once he gets a little older and we are on a better schedule, I will definitely go take class. You can reserve your class and your childcare spot on their website or the Mind Body app.

Studio: Btone Fitness

Website: North End (also offered at their Chestnut Hill location)New member special: 3 for $30 (also on ClassPass)Childcare cost: $5Days offered: Mondays and Wednesdays 9:30am, Fridays 9:30 and 10:30amDescription: Btone is a class that is done on a machine called the Megaformer (think Pilates reformer, but of its own unique kind). As the website explains their classes: “Btone is a tall drink of everything — a dash of yoga, a sprinkle of Pilates, and a sprig of CrossFit.” I have been taking their classes for years and love them. The classes are only 45 minutes, but they leave you shaking and feeling like you worked muscles you never even knew existed! I have yet to travel to the North End for class only because it’s a bitch to get to from Southie, but if you are a mama in the area, I highly suggest you check it out (and bring your babe along!)

Studio: Bar Method Boston

Website:  www.barmethod.comLocation: Back BayNew member special: 1 Month Unlimited for $99  (also on ClassPass)Childcare cost: $12Description:  Every Bar Method class starts with a warm-up, upper-body exercises and push-ups in the middle of the room, followed by a sequence of leg and seat work at the barre and core exercises on the floor. The method predominantly uses your own bodyweight for resistance along with a few basic props – free weights, mats and a ball.

Studios Where you Workout with your Baby

Studio: Xtend Barre


Location: Newbury Street

New Member Special: First class free (also on ClassPass)

Days offered: Mondays 11am

Description: This class is a super fun way to get a good workout in and not let your baby out of your sight. For the first half of class, you can wear your baby in a carrier and do all the arm work and barre work with your little one (however, if you choose to let them sleep or hangout on a mat or in their carseat that is totally fine too!) The last half of class they can lay on a mat beside you while you work your butt and abs. The teacher, Sophie, is great and has no mercy! She taught a challenging class which I loved, and it was super sweet (and hard!) having Austin strapped to my chest while I worked out (he slept the whole time!)

Studio: Coolidge Yoga


Location: South End and Coolidge CornerNew Member Special: All Mom and Baby Yoga classes are $20 for the hour classDays Offered: Thursdays 10:30 am (South End) and Thursdays 2:00pm (Coolidge Corner)Description: Mom and Baby Yoga was the first class I took after having Austin. He was 3 weeks old, and it was so great to meet some new moms and get a goodstretch in. The first class I took, Austin slept in his carseat the whole time so I just let him be. The following weeks, though, he was awake so it was fun to be more interactive with him. For the majority of the class you have the baby on you mat while you are led through some asanas. Towards the end, the teacher has us do some core exercises involving holding the baby and then finishes class with the moms giving their baby a guided massage (I should note that I have only taken classes at the South End location).

Studio: Asana

Website: CharlestownNew Member Special: 2 weeks unlimited for $45Days Offered: Thursdays 10:30 amDescription: I have yet to take this class, but it is super high up on my to-do list because I love the teacher, Meagan, and I know it is one of her favorite classes to teach! The description of the class on their website says: “Babies can be worn in a carrier for the barre section of class, and are welcome to sit in a car seat, Boppy or on a blanket. During some exercises moms will have the option to hold and lift their babies to enhance their workout and strengthen their bond. While there is no specific age limit for this class we highly suggest that your baby be pre-walking in order for the class to be effective as a whole.” Can’t wait to try this out in the next couple of weeks!

Studio: Boston NAPS

Website: South BostonDays Offered: Boston NAPS offers fitness classes like Mamalates, Mom and Baby Yoga, and Stroller Bootcamp throughout the week. Check out their schedule online for days and times.New Member Special: No specials for new members. Single classes $22 and discounted packages available.Description: Boston NAPS was founded by a team of medical professionals who's goal is to ensure parent's that they are prepared for the transition from the hospital to their home and beyond.  They offer concierge services, education, one-on-one support, and group classes from pregnancy to lactation and postpartum and newborn care. They are a great resource for parents and have so much to offer, definitely check them out!

Studio: JPP Stroller Bootcamp at the Bunker Hill Monument

Website: Charlestown (by the Bunker Hill Monument)Days Offered: Fridays 10:30amNew Member Special: No specials for new members. Single class $20 and $55 for a pack of 3 classes.Description: Jen is a well-loved co-worker of mine at Equinox and her Stroller Bootcamp is also on my to-do list this summer with my babe!  I have a few friends who have taken this class and loved it and it is a great option if you also have kids that are a little older because she does not limit her class to just babies. From her website: "Class includes a warm-up stroll around the Monument, barre work using your stroller and mat Pilates to focus on re-building core strength, through a series of safe and targeted exercises. Both babies and toddlers are welcome. Children should stay in their strollers during the entire moving portion of class. They can then join you on the mat to play by your side. During certain exercises you will have the option to hold and lift your baby to enhance your workout and bond. There is no specific age limit for this class."  See you soon, Jen!

Gyms with Childcare

 I wrote this article on studios in the area, but there are some gyms that offer childcare (usually for a fee) if you are a member. Check out their websites or give them a call for more info.Equinox: click hereHealthworks Fitness: click hereBoston Sports Club: click hereBoston Athletic Club: click hereIf you know of any other studios in the area that offer childcare and/or you can bring your baby along, let me know so that I can add it to the list! XO


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