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My Philosophy

After over 15 years of continued education in nutrition and fitness, my goal is to infuse everything I have learned- through Western studies and Eastern medicine- to help bring my clients balance in their life through science backed protocols as well as holistic healing methods that a modern day American doctor may not "prescribe" but have been proven to work for 1000s of years (think herbs, meditation, etc).  I do not look at anyone as if they “have a problem” or “problems”.  Instead I see any issues one may have as an imbalance,  which means there’s a way to help anyone with anything.  Yes, some ailments may not be 100% curable, but that doesn’t mean that together we can't help find ways to bring the body back into a more harmonious state.  Want to know more about my background and what to expect when working with me? Click here!

I want to know YOU, all of you!
I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to diet and lifestyle. We are all unique individuals and no two people are exactly alike, so why should we confine ourselves to just one way of eating or exercising?

I prefer to really get to know the person I am working with on a deeper level so that together we can discover the root of your health concerns rather than just masking any symptoms. Using your own internal wisdom plus a bit of professional guidance from me, we can make life-long changes together.

Let's get you on the path to
becoming the best version of you.

Food Plan

With my consultation, you will get a personalized food plan with recommendations to suit your individual needs.

Customized Lifestyle Plan

Tips on movement/exercise specific to your body type, how to optimize your sleep, and manage stress.

Tips on improving environment

Protect yourself and your loved ones from the harmful impacts of toxins and chemicals in your everyday household products.

Initial Consultation


  • Initial consultation (about 75 minutes long)

    Personalized food and lifestyle plan

    15 minute follow-up call to discuss your plan
    and answer any questions you may have

    Free month of my on-demand fitness classes

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Follow-up Consultation


  • 60-minutes
  • Suggestions to enhance and optimize
    your personalized plan

    Develop a long-term plan for eliminating environmental
    toxins from your life
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Consultation Application

I take on a very limited amount of private coaching clients. In order for me to sort out the “that would be nice” people from the “let’s do this!” crowd, please fill out the intake form below. I will be in touch within 24 hours to confirm your consultation time.

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